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Super Quality Drop Nets - The Range

These are seriously good drop nets, designed by us. Steel frames, steel rigid fold-away lifting wires.

Each drop net has large (deep) cone of quality net, lead weighted at base to assist descent . The deep cone reduces catch ‘swim out’ on retrieval. Each drop net supplied with bait bag, AND pre-roped float to ensure vertical descent to sea bed.

For those working harbour walls for shrimp, prawns etc, or simply using as a landing net, we also offer a ring protector kit q.v. Large square drop net is suitable to double up as a landing net from a boat or harbour wall.

Product Sizes: (NCD = Net Cone Depth)

Large Square (Type LSDN-1) 24" [610 mm] square approx, NCD = 35" [900mm] approx

Small Square (TypeSSDN-2) 12" [310 mm] square approx, NCD = 27.5" [700mm] approx

Large Round (Type LRDN-1) 26" [660 mm] diam' approx.  NCD= 35" [900 mm] approx.

Small Round (Type SRDN-2)  18" [460 mm] diam' approx. NCD= 26.5" [680 mm] approx.

Large Square Drop Net - Up Large Square Drop Net - Down

Large Square Drop Net (Type LSDN-1)


Large Round Drop Net - Up Large Round Drop Net - Down

Large Round Drop Net (Type LRDN-1)


Small Round Drop Net - Up Small Round Drop Net - Down

Small Round Drop Net (Type SRDN-2)

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